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Friday, January 4, 2013

Kitchen Timer

Finally, the timer reached the point where I can talk about it.
What's new?
First, the new interface with two timers and presets window, finish and works.
Second, each timer have its own settings: volume, vibration, repetition and sound.
Third, you can set time more than an hour, just by making a full circle.
So, let install and use!


  1. Nice app.

    I'm using it on a 7" tablet. I like it that two timers can be active at the same time.

    I have a few spelling corrections for you:
    - Vibraoin -> Vibration
    - Expamles -> Examples
    When the timer is running, I can move the triangle pointer, but immediately after I end the touch the pointer moves back to the remaining time. Could you either stop/pause the timer or disable the interaction?

    1. Thank you for your corrections, I'll thinking about disable rotation when timer is set.

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  3. Feature request: Option to use my own alarm sounds.

  4. How do you set multiple icons on the screen as displayed in the first screenshot with the 6 timers on your play store app page (referring to the one with the pyramid in the background).


    1. This is widgets, you can add many timer widgets with different setups. How to add widgets on your Android i don't know, but usually is long tap on home screen, then choose kitchen timer in list and you will see setup dialog.