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Friday, January 4, 2013

Kitchen Timer

Finally, the timer reached the point where I can talk about it.
What's new?
First, the new interface with two timers and presets window, finish and works.
Second, each timer have its own settings: volume, vibration, repetition and sound.
Third, you can set time more than an hour, just by making a full circle.
So, let install and use!


  1. Nice app.

    I'm using it on a 7" tablet. I like it that two timers can be active at the same time.

    I have a few spelling corrections for you:
    - Vibraoin -> Vibration
    - Expamles -> Examples
    When the timer is running, I can move the triangle pointer, but immediately after I end the touch the pointer moves back to the remaining time. Could you either stop/pause the timer or disable the interaction?

    1. Thank you for your corrections, I'll thinking about disable rotation when timer is set.

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  3. Feature request: Option to use my own alarm sounds.