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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Anime Radio 2.8.4

Lot of time passed since the last update, added a lot of nice features.
One of them is list of recorded files, no longer need to search for records in the player, now it can be run directly from the app.

Another - a news section, where I add the RSS feeds from different anime themes sites.

It has long been asked to do a sleep timer. It was not easy, but the problem is solved, the timer is done and working.

Add a list of favorites, so now you can add your favorite stations and quickly switch between them.

And of course a nice little widget.


  1. sorry, could you remake the widget please ? ( I'm not english ...)

  2. Oh ! What a great idea ! I'm going to buy a smartphone soon and I think I'm going to install this app first :D
    Just two questions : Have you got a complete list of the stations ? And is Subarashii ( among them ? :)

  3. Hola me gustaria que nos ayudes a que nuestra radio anime llegue a mas lugares Somos Blaze No Radio transmitimos musica anime las 24 hrs del dia espero que nos puedas agregar en tu aplicacion nuestra url de transmision es
    gracias :)

  4. Hello, I downloaded your application Monday "anime radio" is found definitely well made, even the ideea to record automatically the titles of the songs in the songs page is very good, but I want to ask if an information event for the page I want songs take out the songs that did not interest me, but leaving only those that are marked with a star, how I can do without the risk of erasing those marked, I have not found a button in any way that I can take that list of songs that did not interest me, I wanted to Also ask whether you think the next pacth to add a reset songs from the list of songs without risking remove those contrasegnate with the star.

  5. Hey, could you add Anime Classics Radio? It's a pretty cool anime station. They have two streams, one is great for mobile. Thanks for adding it.

  6. Hello!

    First of all, thank you very much for this fantastic app! This is the first time I've posted something here, and I'd like to suggest you to add a new radio station called "Japan FM" (

    Thanks & greetings.

  7. Hi!! I would like to add my radio to your app! We got Anime music 24/7, so want to contact you directly somehow... but don't know how :(

    If you need my stream information, please contact me thru the radio page, there's a info chart so you can reach me directly! I can send you whatever you need for it, images and stream URL :)

    Thanks a lot, I'll be waiting for your answer!

  8. Is it possible to make access on Android music API on lockscreen?

    1. Yes, i have this feature in my plan.

    2. @max: Absolutely love this product, I'm using it as my morning radio while going to work.
      We're looking forward to this feature as it would make it nice to have the title and description of the song displayed on the car dashboard

    3. Thank you, I'm thinking about car mode for a long time, and if i get enough free time i will make it.

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